Monthly InspiraTEE™

Monthly InspiraTEE™

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Christian encouragement delivered monthly!

InspiraTEE™ is a monthly subscription service that delivers quality t-shirts that feature a message of hope every month, with authentic, limited-run art. We understand that these designs are cherished and unique, so to ensure that these t-shirt designs stay unique, each “Featured T-Shirt” is only printed once.

Built around a solid theme of living your best life in God’s word, each box is bursting with items that hold a high spiritual value, helping direct focus and attention towards the loving message of the Bible each month.


  • An exclusive, secret designed AOG t-shirt sent straight to your door each month.
  • Scripture and declaration cards for the month
  • Handwritten note of encouragement and hope from the AOG Team
  • Personalized Prayer included each month
  • 10% OFF  Any Other Purchases Made at for T-Shirt of the Month Members Only!
  • Unique Access into our Facebook Group where you get to vote on what items could be included in upcoming boxes. 
  • Every box is prayed over before shipping!

*Each month's box is designed to illustrate a biblical theme and encourage spiritual growth.